How to buy your diamond

We’re all about custom-made diamond and precious stone jewellery at wholesale prices. How? We work alongside top jewellery manufacturers, sourcing diamonds directly from the suppliers so that we can offer the best for a fraction of the retail price.

Buying a diamond is a significant purchase, which is why all diamonds sold by Catalisa are certified to independent, international grading laboratory standards. All our diamonds are purchased from legitimate non-conflict sources in compliance with UN resolutions.

Engagement Rings

Choosing a diamond is personal. We’ll give you the experience of choosing your own diamonds and designing your own unique engagement ring, guiding you with our knowledge and experience. We’d love to help you throughout the entire process, either via email or in person.

We offer a personalised service, where our designers ensure that you have a ring that fits your budget, taste and specifications.



No idea what you want or can afford?

We’re qualified to help you create the perfect ring, and since no two people are alike, we prefer to work with you, to provide a ring and design that is unique. We don’t have catalogues, as we prefer to keep our styles tailored to individual tastes, but feel free to browse through our gallery to get an idea of the rings we have recently made.

We’re here to help you make that special ring. We can start from scratch, or perhaps you have a good idea of what you would like. Either way, we offer everything you need to design the perfect engagement ring. Learn more about us.

We’d love to hear from you.

The Buying Process

At Catalisa we make the purchasing of an engagement ring a simple, yet personalized experience.

Step 1
Contact us – it’s as simple as saying what you do or don’t like, or that you have no idea at all!

Step 2
Allow our designers to send you pictures and ideas of rings.

Step 3
Choose size and shapes of diamonds with our help and expertise.

Step 4
Agree on a price given (knowing that you will be saving substantially by leaving out the middle man).

Step 5
Pay a deposit of 10%.

Step 6
Wait 10 – 14 days for your ring to be made. A handmade ring of this quality takes time! Your ring can be collected in Durban or safely couriered to anywhere in the country. Quality is guaranteed.

Diamond Earrings, Tennis Bracelets and more.

We supply a wide range of 4 claw and 6 claw Diamond Earring Studs, Huggie Earrings, Diamond Hoops and custom-made Precious Stone Earrings to suit your own personal taste. Our Tennis Bracelets come in many styles and sizes and they too can be modified to suit your needs using diamonds, sapphires and tanzanites.

Old Jewellery that is looking tired and out of date.            

These pieces can be remodelled and brought back to life with the help of our designers, who will create stunning new styles using your old gold as a trade in for new.